Join the "Two-Bite" Cookie Life

The "Unrivaled Classic", photo by Michelle Wax

The "Unrivaled Classic", photo by Michelle Wax

Kitchen Millie is home of the "two-bite" cookie. Inspiration for this sweet business found Michelle Wax, owner of Kitchen Millie, when she was searching for a sweet treat that was fresh, clean, and not the size of a dinner plate.  Like many others with insatiable sweet tooths, Wax knew that that the only way to find exactly what she was looking for, was if she made it herself. 

I recently chatted with Michelle, and talked about all things sweet- from her favorite cookie flavors to advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Kitchen Millie is definitely a business to watch in 2018. 

Who is the inspiration behind Kitchen Millie? 

The company is named after my grandmother, Millie, and we integrate the way she lived into the brand each and everyday. Not only was she a great baker, she never took 'no' for an answer and was an incredibly strong person. We have fun each and everyday and are so happy that Kitchen Millie allows for us to live the way that we want. 

All of your flavors have their own unique names: The Unrivaled Classic, Zesty Lunatic, Caramel Renegade. How do you create these names? Are they inspired by anyone or anything? 

We try to get pretty weird with the names! I normally ask the KM team, friends, and family what they would call the cookie and brainstorm it out. We want each name to describe the cookie but be fun at the same time! Sometimes, I'll even look up synonyms of common words to get something a little more creative worked into the name. 

Out of all of your flavors, which one is your favorite? 

I love them all! My current favorites are the Unrivaled Classic and Flourless Blitz

The "Flourless Blitz", photo by Michelle Wax

The "Flourless Blitz", photo by Michelle Wax

Finding the courage to pursue any goal can be daunting. Do you have any advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Get started today! The hardest part is taking that first step. We also share a bunch of tips and videos on our Cookie Life platform for starting out. 

Kitchen Millie is part of the growing small business community in Boston. What does small business mean to you? 

Small business means going after your dreams and not stopping at roadblocks. I love meeting other small business owners who pushed beyond the norm to go after what they wanted. It's tough some days, but worth it at the end of the day! 

What can we expect from Kitchen Millie in 2018? 

We just launched a Baking Business Course, so we are super excited to start sharing how to start your own at-home baking business. Along with the launch of the course, we're excited to keep bringing the cookie life and cookie experiences throughout Boston and the USA! 


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