What Makes Prae Different


For starters, community is at the heart, and soul of everything we do. 

We're affordable, unlike our competitors, (go ahead, check them out on Google). We understand the importance of the local movement and that community is critical when marketing to your customers. We are flexible, hands-on, no auto bots or scattered team, and (best of all) we are truly affordable.


Bottom line: We're in this for you and our community.

In case you were wondering Prae is Latin for the step you take before so it makes sense you choose us first.



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Our Values

Our values, and beliefs shape the solutions we provide small businesses.


People > Profit

We help small businesses create a solid foundation before making big changes to the brand or when identifying new strategies. This means really digging deep into the core of why you do what you do so that we can help you grow. With profit-driven agencies, you might experience rush campaigns, or strategies that are based on fleeting insights, leaving you with no real clarity or progress.

With Prae you can expect to choose your budget, if one of our solutions doesn't quite fit your needs, and personalize a marketing plan that works for your business. Our strategies emphasize community and work towards the the preservation of local culture. 


Don't Be Afraid To Share

Small businesses (us too) struggle with juggling the many responsibilities that come with owning a business. Want to know what else is frustrating? Limited access to information.

Prae values the ability to share our experience, and insights with others. We don't believe in limiting access to information, because sharing is caring, and ultimately brings people together. 

Practice Patience

Success doesn't happen over night. There's a lot of work that goes into a successful marketing strategy so patience is crucial (or else you might go a little nuts).

Traditional marketing tactics may seem like a thing of the past, and with new trends manifesting everyday, it can be hard to be patient or trust the flow of things.

But whatever you do, we ask that you trust us. We work with you to really perfect your business strategy (or whatever you need help with at the moment) so that you can grow. When you succeed, we do too.  


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