You Don’t Need Click Bait to Stand Out

You Don’t Need Click Bait to Stand Out 



One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to all online advertising is that click bait is beneficial to making your product known. Although grabbing the attention of potential viewers is important, using the tactic of click bait may actually be more harmful than anything else. The ultimate goal of advertising is to make your product be known in a respectful and honest manner.


When one realizes that they have fallen for click bait, there automatically is a sense of hostility toward the product. For example, have you ever noticed that YouTube videos that use click bait tend to receive harsher comments and many dislikes? This is because people do not appreciate being lied to and having their expectations not be met. Click bait on the Internet is the equivalency of being dishonest to a friend in a real life situation. It is an entirely incorrect tactic to use and the online community should try to stay away from it.

When advertising your business, you will feel the urge to use click bait and honestly, it is completely natural. It is the way many people have handled their advertising since the beginning of the Internet so it is quite easy to fall in the trap. Yet, if you are an individual who cares more about positive reviews and overall success for your product, stick to honesty. It will help you reach far more success in the long run and will make you a far more reliable source.

What strategies do you implement that don't involve click-bait?