Why Use Social Media?

Why Use Social Media?



In any good relationship, communication is key. As the world changes and technology advances, our communication channels change as well. In the past decade, our communication channels have grown to include social media and the Internet. And it’s never been easier to access before. With our cell phones, we are connected 24/7. But with all this accessibility, it may be hard to stand out amongst your peers on social media. And this begs the question; why should my business have social media? The answers are simple.

Accessibility: Did you know 79% of smartphone users are connected to one or more social media networks? This number isn’t exactly surprising when you look at the roughly 224.3 million smartphone owners in the United States alone. That comes out to roughly 177.2 million smartphone owners who are on social media in the United States. After reading those numbers, this one speaks for itself. Your company would have access to those users on social media to spread their message and promote their product. You may even reach an entire segment of your audience that would have been inaccessible before social media. With a chain reaction, followers reposting and liking your posts, it will reach their friends and so on, bringing more traffic onto your site and more business to you.

(Did you know: 80% of marketers said that social media increased their traffic and 92% of marketers said that it generated more exposure for their business?!)

Connecting: Not only does social media give you access to more consumers, it will also give your company the ability to directly connect with them. Social media allows a company the ability to interact daily with its consumers by posting videos, photos, or just their thoughts on the day. This makes a company seem more human to its consumers rather than being another brand or logo. And consumers will favor a brand they deem to be more human and trustworthy over its competitors most of time. By directly addressing your consumers complaints, compliments, and questions, a brand is seen as more open and honest which will lead to better retention rates and more business overall.

Low Cost: Starting a business is neither easy nor inexpensive. As a small or new business, keeping costs low is very important to make sure profit stays up. Social media tends to be free to inexpensive for most services and is very easy to maintain. Hubspot.com says companies who use a minimum 6 hours a week on social media see an increased amount of traffic. A little more than an hour a day will lead to increased traffic and overall, increased sales and brand recognition for an initially low cost, saving you time and money on marketing.

Adaptable: One of the great things about social media is the amount of kinds there are now. People have dozens of choices to sign up for, giving a company the ability to pick exactly which kind suits their needs. A more visually inclined company may lean towards Instagram while a company who wants to have everything in one place may choose Facebook. It all depends on your company and how you want your message to be received.

Overall, social media is a useful tool that is becoming more permanent by the day. By using it, a company has the advantage of a low cost, easy to maintain marketing tool that may lead them to going viral and becoming even more successful than they could have ever dreamed.





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