What is Vero?

      You may not have ever heard of this app, and neither had I until very recently. This past week, I started noticing that different businesses and creators on Instagram started using their Instagram stories to show an app called Vero. They were using the app to promote new accounts. Curious, I did my research, and learned the ways in which some people are using, and talking about it ; this app could truly change the way that social media is used.

      Vero has been around for a while, with its stable build being released in April of 2017. It wasn’t until very recently that the app has exploded with more and more users creating accounts over the past couple of months. With the recent Snapchat updates that people didn’t respond well to or Facebook making big changes , and even Instagram still not budging on non-chronological order to their posts, people are fed up. Vero is looking to change things for the way that people and creators interact on social media.  

      Vero offers the incentive of free membership for life to the first million people who sign up. This seems counter intuitive since most other social media sites don’t charge at all, but what makes Vero different is the fact that there isn’t, and wont ever be any ads on their app. They are committed to this fact and even say so in their manifesto. In the clarification section its states: 

“Unlike most of our competitors, Vero’s business model isn’t based on serving advertisements. As a subscription-based service, our users are our customers, not the product we sell to advertisers. Our subscription model will allow us to keep Vero advertising-free, and to focus solely on delivering the best social experience instead of trying to find new ways to monetize our users’ behavior or tricking them back into the app with notifications.”

This is a great move forward in terms of creating a social media platform that is truly social and not heavily focused on publishers, business, or ads.

      The app is simple and easy to use and simple to download. With the amount of people trying to download it right now it might take a few minutes, but once you’re in, you’ll quickly notice a minimalist layout and post only design. Vero allows you to share photos, and videos; you can also recommend books or TV shows, see products, or have a business profile. Since the app only requires an email (and an initial phone number) to sign up, you can simply sign in using the email and multiple people can run the app like any other social media platform.

In addition to this, there is no paid-for advertising within the app, companies are able to create profiles, and ‘influencers’ will also be allowed to promote brands, as they do on other social networks. Vero will make money on products sold through the app, taking commission in the ‘single digits’. It worked with fashion brand Temperley London on a ‘see now, buy now’ initiative where Vero users could click to buy clothes as they were shown on the catwalk at London Fashion Week in September 2016.

      While the London fashion show might be a much higher end retail than you’re used to, selling like this also translates to other small businesses as well. With this app you can truly connect with customers and learn how they interact. The way you buy things is by going to a profile of a merchant or someone who is selling a product, and simply buy it though the app.

The idea of buying directly in the app sounds heavenly instead of having to go through PayPal, Venmo, or another third party site. In addition, the benefit to this app is that it's geared towards a more “adult” population. Most social media apps are designed and geared towards the younger generations, but this app is different. While it's not aimed at them, they are encouraged to join.

      Having downloaded the app myself I find it easy to use and it flows seamlessly. I’m able to find influencers, creators, and businesses from a simple search or through Instagram. One company I follow, already has a business profile set up and is asking people to direct message him on Vero, as a way to interact with him. One feature that seems like it will be useful as more people join, is that you are able to categorize your friends or acquaintances, and limit what those people see. For example, if you friend someone for a business venture and you don’t want them to see that picture of your kid, you can’t really control that on Facebook, but with Vero you can by separating the person into the acquaintance tab.

      Vero at its core is another social media platform, but it’s not just another social media platform. Right now, the possibilities are endless for the platform. It’s different and sometimes different is good. The best thing about Vero is that its name stands for what they try to be, truthful, and so far, they’ve been nothing but transparent with their audience and growing community.

      Over the next few weeks we likely to hear more and more about Vero, so be on the lookout for more information on how this can help you, and other small businesses succeed and grow.







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