What is Influencer Marketing?


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a company using an influential figure, like a celebrity, to endorse their brand. It focuses on the influential target rather than the audience as a whole. In a world driven by social media and an obsession of celebrities, influencer marketing has seen an upswing in recent years. It’s a low-cost method for companies to gain trust and recognition among consumers.

Using influencer marketing allows companies to give their brand a recognizable face, making the company seem more reliable and trustworthy. With multiple media channels available, influencer marketing is a low-cost way to reach a vast number of consumers. By using influencer marketing on social media, consumers are learning more about your product through someone they already know and have developed a sense of trust with. It also increases the amount of word of mouth consumers who are drawn to a company. In fact, consumers brought in by word of mouth have a 37% higher retention rate than other consumers. And using an influential figure means more exposure across the board. On Facebook alone, people share 1.3 million posts per minute. The more followers the spokesperson for your brand has, the more shares that post will have, and the more consumers your company will reach.

With the Internet literally at our fingertips, consumers have become more wary and hesitant to purchase a product or use a service without heavy research or a recommendation from someone they trust. In fact, 92% of consumers look for information from people they know before investing in a product. Influencer marketing gives people a face to a brand and develops a trust in the company they represent, rather than trusting a faceless embodiment of a company. Influencers are also seen as "experts" on their specific products or companies, giving consumers a reason to trust their opinion and endorsements. But while having an endorsement is great, it has to be truthful. The only way to retain and gain consumers is to have the influencer promote the product truthfully. Otherwise, all the work and money spent on influencer marketing would have been for nothing.

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be on a massive scale with a celebrity endorsement, it can be done on a smaller scale with a well-known blogger, or someone with a wide social media presence like Nicole Arbor, a famous social media comedian and blogger. Base it on what your company can afford and how you want to present your company to the world.

Influencer marketing is a great tool to use as long as you use it right. Companies have destroyed themselves through misrepresentation or outright lying about their products. By being transparent, conveying an unbiased view, and telling the truth, influencer marketing is a strong tool to use to make your business successful.





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