Want More Sales? Market Who You Are

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Owners of businesses all over the world have used different types of marketing techniques for their businesses. They do the research, collect the data, and use that data to come up with the perfect marketing strategy they hope will boost their sales and propel the company to new heights. Whether a business is large or small, the owners’ involvement in the business is crucial. The way a business owner markets themselves is important to the image of the company, and the overall success of the business.

When a company is new or still growing, the first place people look is at the top. Depending on the type of organizational structure, a customer’s interaction may start on the ground floor with a sales representative or customer service rep. However, these interactions ultimately reflect the management and direction of the entire company which sits on the shoulders on the back of the owners. If the management of the company appears to be less than stellar, the overall appearance of the company can go downhill.  If the branding of a company is sub-par, sales will never meet their goals. This idea is more important for small business owners. Some companies become so large that no one even knows who the owner is, but when you’re a startup or a small business, self marketing is more crucial. When you’re a small business. The main piece of the business that needs the best marketing strategy is the owner.

Marketing yourself does not mean you have to change who you are. In fact, to market yourself, you need to embrace who you are and use your individuality to its advantage. Owners can start this process by taking their business, and considering how their personal life choices and decisions are reflected into the core of the business. Owners need to think about how their businesses can help them personally, and use that as a guide on where to reach their ideal customers or clients. When you begin to market yourself, you need to ask, “Where would I go to meet more people like me?”. Self-marketers need to network in places where their products or services are used the most. This should tie into places they would normally go by themselves, places where they should naturally thrive on making new connections. Talking about yourself can sometimes be hard, you never know where to start. However, talking about a business and how it is a part of you can open up any conversation.

Take more of your personal space and integrate your business into it. If an owner of a startup or small business really wants to get things started on behalf of their business, they can increase their personal network. It is easier to increase an already existing personal network than a business network from scratch. People don’t always want to be sold something, but they crave relationships. If someone starts a new business with an awesome logo and awesome services,they forget that human beings still drive the sale. A great logo may catch someones eye, but it doesn’t get the sale, people get the sale. A great product does not get the sale in the beginning. No one will know how great your product is, so people will have to make that sale. This means you need to start by using the connections in your own personal network. Do not be afraid to throw some products on your personal Facebook or Instagram. Traction has to start somewhere, and it begins with you.

People crave relationships, and relationship marketing has almost become a lost art because of the digital age. The good news is, you can use your digital platforms to connect with people throughout multiple networks and help push sales for your business. This doesn’t mean you need to sell, sell, sell on your personal pages. It doesn’t mean you need to hustle your family and closest friends. Marketing yourself is believing in your own product, and when appropriate, making your connection to your product or service more obvious. Market youself, and you will see your business thrive.