Two Ways to Stand Out Online


Standing out online is hard. With millions of websites, television, and social media platforms it’s hard getting a business, more specifically an online one, to stand out. Two of the main points of a website that bring viewers are the look and the content. By focusing your attention on two key points of your website, you will be that much closer to standing out and to keep consumers or customers coming back again and again.

The Look

Organize Your Space: Have you ever seen a website so cluttered you instantly left? The first thing a consumer or customer notices is the look and organization of your web page. Like a newspaper, your site should be organized and everything on it and in it should have a purpose. Use section tabs to keep things organized and subsections to make it even easier to navigate. The easier your site it to navigate, the happier your viewers will be.

Graphics and Images: The average person reads an online article for 15 seconds or less. Keep your words short and sweet, but fill in the blanks with colorful and eye catching graphics. Using charts, number graphs, videos, and photos communicates your message to your consumers but also keeps the word count low and the attention span there. But don’t go crazy on imaging; it’ll make your page look cluttered. Instead focus on what you’re trying to communicate through the image.

TIP: Don’t use stock photos. Use photos of your company, product, or even consumer photos. Make sure the photos are high resolution and sharp rather than low resolution and grainy, this can completely alter the look. By using your own photos, your website will stand out from your competitor AND you’re being more open with your consumer.  After all, honesty is the best policy!

Lettering: Using larger font sizes also helps a reader find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. It’ll also make you double think every word you want up. Larger fonts take up more space and make you think about each and every word you say. Remember, you have 15 seconds of your consumer’s very precious attention. And if you can, save your words and communicate through an image or video.

Icons: Twitter, Facebook, Nike, McDonald’s have some of the most well known icons in the world. Create a unique icon for your brand and make it yours. Everyone knows the golden arches or little blue bird. By using a unique icon, you’re making your brand more recognizable and everywhere that icon is, you’re advertising.


The Communication

Email Blasts: How many e-mails from companies do you ignore daily? While the communication is great, over communicating can be annoying and drive consumers and customers away from you. Over messaging your consumers or customers leads to being sent to the spam box, unsubscribing, and ignoring you. In January 2015, MarketingSherpa conducted a survey on email frequency. The most popular responses were “at least weekly” and “at least monthly”. Weekly emails are the more popular choice for most marketers. Monthly emails lead to a fear of emailing too infrequently that consumers forget who you are or stop caring.

Social Media: Connect your website to social media immediately if you haven’t already done it. And on multiple platforms too. Social media is an easy to use tool to get your website out there to millions with one click. The more people you can reach, the more traffic your site will get. But it’s not always about the amount of traffic…

The Content: Remember how you have 15 seconds of a consumer’s attention? Use those 15 seconds to draw your consumer into your page through your content. The amount of traffic your site has doesn’t matter if the time viewing the site is minimal at best. By controlling the content of your site to be the most useful, the most informative, or the most interesting, you’re going to draw in readers and consumers who will spend time exploring your site more or actually reading your entire article. And this is where the business will come in. The more a consumer knows about a company, the more likely they are to use that company’s products or services when needed.



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