Tips and Tricks for Facebook


Tips and Tricks for Facebook

Owning and managing a business is hard without adding social media into the mix. Since the Internet boom and birth of social media, it has taken over everywhere. Social media has also become an integral tool for businesses to market and connect with consumers. It can make a company, if it’s used properly.

Business not Pleasure

First tip, make sure the page you create is a true business Page not a personal profile. Not only will this look more professional, it will also give you some necessary tools to help manage social media. Instead of friend requests, your fans will like your page, allowing your updates to be posted in their newsfeed. It will also give you tools to track post activity and attention. Scheduling tools also come with a business Page, you can schedule posts to appear in the future, saving you precious time. Not to mention, in Facebook terms and agreements, it is forbidden to use a personal page to represent a business.

Pictures are Worth It

A picture is worth a thousand words, so that must make cover photos worth 10,000 words. A cover photo will be one of the first things a fan sees on your Page. It will set the tone for your business’ page and can be used to convey changes or new products in your business. But don’t forget your profile picture! Your profile picture should be something recognizable to your audience, a logo or your brand name. Keep it interesting, concise, and clear about who your company is. Your cover photo and profile picture should work with each other, not against. And always double check your pixel count to allow the best possible image you can get.

Sections Matter

People constantly leave their ‘About Me’ sections on Facebook blank or with bare minimum. Use it to your advantage. Consumers who are curious about exactly what your company does will read it. Fill it out to convey the background of your company and the message you want to send out. Use the preview on the left side like the back of a book cover. A short, simple idea of what your company is but don’t give too much away, make them click on the ‘About’ section to get the whole story. This also communicates transparency to your consumers, creating a stronger level of trust between your company and your consumer.

Learn Your Tools

Facebook has a variety of tools at business’ disposal. You can customize your tabs to send your followers in certain directions and communicate the exact message you want. Scheduling tools, as mentioned earlier, allow you to save time by scheduling multiple posts at once to be released on a later date. You can add ‘Call to Action’ buttons such as ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Contact Us’. This helps to guide followers to other sites or pages involving your business. Be thorough and investigate the back end of your business page, it’ll give you more tools in the long run to know exactly what you’re working with.

Quality over Quantity

Less is more is a simple rule to follow when it comes to Facebook posts. Facebook uses algorithms to boost relevant posts and stop the flow of clickbait posts. Instead of focusing on how frequently you post, use the time to craft good, interesting posts that your followers will like. You should be posting at least once a day but not so frequently that you’re annoying your followers. Posts with quality content will be on the top of newsfeeds, giving your page more attention and hopefully, more followers.

Facebook is a great tool and a huge asset to businesses when it’s used properly. Explore everything, know your tools and use them to your advantage. Social media is a single tool in your entire arsenal to make your business a successful one, so use it and use it well.

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