These Marketing Trends Could Make Or Break Your Strategy In 2018

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These Marketing Trends Could Make Or Break Your Strategy In 2018


With the new year, comes new opportunities to expand, and refine your marketing strategy!

There are a number of important trends to consider in your strategy this year, especially if your business relies heavily on social media to simplify communication with customers, increase brand awareness, and promote offerings.

Here are a few trends we think you should keep in mind in 2018:

The Quest For Truth

With Fake News still lingering, people have become more questionable, or suspicious of the validity of information they consume on a regular basis. In an effort to shed light on what that truth might be, The Federal Trade Commission continues to take strides to protect consumers from companies who aren’t transparent enough in their marketing.

Consumers are generally wary of most forms of advertisements, whether it be cause marketing, endorsements, influencer marketing, and so on. Whatever your goal is, it’s best to be transparent about the kind of content you’re sharing, because no one likes listening to, nor investing in a lie.

Don’t do anything that might jeopardize your credibility, or consumer relationships you’ve worked hard to nurture, or you could end up with a Fyre Fest-esque disaster on your hands.

Content Marketing

Content isn’t going anywhere; consumers need content to make educated buying decisions, grow as citizens, learn more about the world around them, and support us businesses. The fight for the quality, and highly visible content also doesn’t appear to be heading out the door either.

You must, no exceptions, be willing to communicate like your consumer, wherever they might be. You must be willing to take risks, try new types of media or content to stay afloat. If you are behind in video, can’t seem to wrap your head around the basics of design, or don’t know how social media works, we’d be happy to help.


2018 will be the year that online communities can experience even more robust interactive capabilities, mostly through video interaction. Messenger bots will continue to nurture consumer experiences with artificial intelligence. Ads will continue to incorporate, and tinker with Internet of Things devices like Alexa, or Google Home. Live video is also a form of content that we know will continue to takeover as consumers are becoming increasingly fatigued with more strutured ads, or media.

With consumers regularly digesting video, it makes sense to begin to incorporate more video into your content strategy. Start small, and tweak as you craft or revise your content strategy.

Ephemeral Content

As the attention span of the average person continues to shrink, length of content is key. Plan on highlighting 2–5 key points in video content, or sharing 1 main point in the form of a teaser or static graphic. Then send your fans back to longer form content, (great for SEO), on your site or specific landing page.

Influencer Marketing

Statistics show that nearly 40% of Twitter users claimed to have made a purchase as a direct result of a social media influencer’s tweet. Partnerships, and leveraging larger brands will stay important.

These type of connections are great opportunities for increased brand visibility, new customers/leads who might not have known about your brand, future partners for events or product launches, and new content.

Enhanced Mobile Capabilities

Nearly 80 percent of social media time is now spent on mobile devices. So it makes sense that social platforms would focus on creating more meaningful ,and efficient experiences on mobile devices.

Because mobile is a popular channel for consumer purchases, research, education, and more, this should encourage you to create more content that is responsive, easy to digest on mobile, and even more meaningful to consumers as they collect the information they need to make informed decisions on your brand.

Learn more about how you can improve your content marketing this year at here.