The Power of "Yes"

The Power of "Yes"

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It is hard to say “Yes” because saying “No” is so easy. Saying “No” is easy because it doesn’t require a follow-up. No additional information is needed when you say “No,” other than a reasonable excuse. To be honest, saying “No” is a time saver, because it doesn’t require you to do anything extra. There are so many reasons to say “No,” and not enough reasons to say “Yes.” However, there is so much education in saying “Yes.” The best people in business are “Yes people.”  When an opportunity becomes available we need to seize the day, grab it by the reigns. and own it with a “Yes."

We shut ourselves off from reaping the benefits of wisdom gained by not opening ourselves to new experiences. Time and time again we choose to stay in a safe and comfortable space. We never leave our bubble of security and never reach our full potential. We stay in communication with our same inner circles, hoping it will bring us new business. We reach out to the same people asking for updates, hoping things changed in our favor. The answer has never been to rely on others; the answer has always lived inside a “Yes." The next time we are asked to attend new events and meet new people, we should say “Yes.” Never settle on the notions that you have enough connections. There are always new opportunities in new relationships.

An opportunity missed is a challenge avoided, but a reward never earned. When someone asks us to perform a task that we don’t want to do or don’t know how to do, we need to say “Yes.” These uncomfortable situations are here to make us better. There is no shame in not knowing how to do something, ask for help. If you don’t want to ask for help, the internet has so many resources that can teach anyone to do almost anything. Between asking for help and using the internet, there is no reason why anyone should ever say “No” to anything ever again.

 You never know what skills you will need two or three years from this moment. Even if someone is asking you to do something that doesn’t feel like it fits, still say “Yes." There is so much power in being versatile and diverse in your knowledge base, you need to say “Yes” at any moment you’re given an opportunity to learn something new. Life should never be static. We may try to organize our lives and set up a perfect little process to get through the weeks, months, and years, but you must always be prepared for changes. You may have a goal set in life and you don’t want anything to deter you from achieving those goals, but you must be prepared for changes. You may be older in your career and have decided to throttle down your work and education efforts, but you must be prepared for changes.

Life’s changes can occur at any moment notice, and you never know what skills or relationships you will need to get through. We all need to say “Yes” more, experience life in a dynamic way so we can be prepared for the dynamic situations life will throw our way. You can start saying “Yes” today. The next time someone asks you to do something, say “Yes.” Exercise your current skills, meet new people, break the cycle.

It is all in the “Yes.”