The Importance of Socializing in the Creative Industry

socializing creative industry networking


Are you self employed, or work for a small organization? Do you work in the creative industry? Do you love the personal and professional gratification your career in the creative industry presents?

Working in a creative field, whether it be an architect or curator, makes your work a duality. You have your usual day job and you have a night job. In a creative industry or field the night job usually consists of socializing at a plethora of different events ranging from grand openings to film screenings.

While openings and screenings in any other context is a jolly time, when these social engagements are for work it can become tiring physically and emotionally. The nine to five turns into a nine to midnight, or later. Not only does it become a longer time commitment, it also shifts your work and time to being contingent on another individual. Your efforts becomes a dance of vying for attention as you wait your turn to bring up your agenda to an organizer.

While it may feel like a trivial attempt, socializing at social engagements is important. Attending these events shows:

  1. Your support for the group/organization.

  2. Your commitment to the organizers. Taking out the time (or building up the courage) to engage with an organizer or host shows that you are not only supportive, but that you are intellectually acknowledging their work.

  3. Your commitment to community. During an opening or event, the organizers should not be the only individuals you or your organization gives their attention to. These social events are a time to reconnect with past constituents along with networking with others in your community.  

The support and effort you put into understanding a group’s work/mission will add to your network. Networking is especially important in the creative industry, because many opportunities (whether is be exhibiting work or facility sharing) comes from the strong network you build with your community. Once that network is established, it opens up opportunities to collaborate and share resources that you or your organization may not have.

Socializing in the creative industry can be tiring, but the payoff of gaining connections and expanding you or your organization’s network is beneficial. It can increase exposure and expand the impact of you or your organization.