The Importance of Endorsements

The Importance of Endorsements

By: Abram Moore

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When building a business, reputation is very important. Reputation can boost sales, increase brand recognition, and can positively or adversely affect the entire image of who your brand. They say, “any press is good press”. However, I think most would agree that it is far better to have happy customers, consumers, and clients who say positive things over angry ones. For this reason, it is important to be endorsed. Endorsements, whether written or visual, can be a huge boost for your business, and you should be thinking about who can endorse you, right now.

An endorsement occurs when another party speaks on your behalf in a positive way. An endorsement can come from an individual, group or business who essentially is willing to “vouch” for you. Often, people confuse endorsements with testimonials, but there are some differences between the two.

A testimonial tends to focus on a customer experience, and is often written in a story telling format. An endorsement, though it can include a story (and should), it is mostly a statement indicating that a customer or client is willing to place their reputation on the quality of your work or product. Technically, you can have a negative testimonial, but an endorsement is always positive. An endorsement could be thought as a positive testimonial that ends in a recommendation that puts the endorsers reputation on the line as well.

A good endorsement for your business will come from a well-known source. This potential endorse will have influence in a certain industry. It would be pointless to have an endorsement from a no-name stranger. If you want to think about who could give you an endorsement, you should start with your largest most popular clients.

It may seem obvious, but you want a good rapport with the endorser. Nothing could be worse than thinking you have an endorser and it ends up being a negative testimonial. Whoever you get to endorse your business, should be proud to be working with you. The endorsement should almost feel mutually beneficial. You get the benefit of a great endorser, and the endorser feels pride in being able to publicly announce a relationship with you and your business.

Once you have identified your endorser, you can choose where you want the endorsement. The endorsement can be a written on your website or it could be a YouTube video. If the client is big enough and if the client is willing, you can even include the clients name or logo on some of your marketing materials. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but after your endorsement is complete you will see your business relationship build, and if the endorser was a right choice, your business will grow as well.

Business relationships are exactly what the title says, they are relationship. Not many people want to broadcast their bad relationship to the world. When you are in a relationship with a business or individual, the sweeter the experience the greater the love. The greater the love the more you won’t stop talking about them. You want to have these types of relationships with your largest clients before you ask for an endorsement, but when you do, the business relationship will feel ever sweeter. Your reputation is very important, and you can start building that today with good endorsements.