Social Media During the Holidays

social media holiday marketing

Halloween has now come and gone and the holiday season will begin to really pick up with changes in the weather, travel, festivities, time off, and more!

Part of that includes getting ready for your content calendar.

When you have time off, actually take that time off to reset (in whatever way that means for you). That’s another way using a scheduler can come into play! You can have all of your posts ready to go while you’re off so you don’t have to worry about missing a beat online or interrupting your holiday plans.

Thinking about plans for posts also raises the question, do we post about holidays on social media?

That can be a tough one especially as a business.

In general, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different and not just when it comes to what holidays they may or may not celebrate. The holidays might not be a positive time for some people. Maybe they can’t be with loved ones or take the time off.

Do you keep it general or specific? Do you try to mention all of the holidays because the United States is considered a melting pot? Or stick with Happy Holidays and Happy New Year?

There’s a lot of factors that can impact this kind of decision.

  • It’s important that you’re not just trying to be part of a trend or push your own agenda for holidays. Keep it sincere!
  • Think about who your constituents are and who you are (or who your business is).
  • Think about recognizing those who might not be able to take the holiday off or the holidays might be a negative time of the year for people.
  • Be open to hearing from the people you work with when you’re making a decision like this.

This can be a very polarizing topic regardless of what you decide. As you might have guessed it, there isn’t a simple answer to what you post, but once you have made your decision on what you plan to post, you can use a scheduler to do it for you!

What are some things you do to prepare for the holidays when it comes to social media?