Passion, Purpose, and Small Business


Passion, Purpose, and Small Business

Why do you do the things you do?

 When I ask this question, I’m not thinking about careers specifically, but I ask why do we do anything that we do? Ultimately, are we happy with our decisions and do we feel like the decisions we have made are putting us on the right path? People are faced with questions like these all of the time. This continuous method of questioning can lead to greater self-discovery in our personal and professional lives.

There is one question that we all wish could be answered; this question would change how we go through life. It would dictate our responses to people and the way we think of ourselves. It would also dictate what we do for business, how we conduct business, and why we are in business in the first place. Business people are wondering all over the world, “What is my purpose.”

Identifying ones purpose is no easy task. Trying to identify someone’s purpose can be as daunting as finding the key to life. Everyone has a different idea of what life should be and what is important. Some people take their passion and their values and they are able to find a way to convert that into a business. They take their core values, the principles that guide them on a daily basis, and they lay that as a foundation for everything they do. After the foundation is laid they look at what is happening around them on a global, national, or community scale, and they try to find a way to improve on a resting issue. Great business people find problems that they want to solve and they go into business to solve that problem. If you are a for-profit business, you have assessed solutions and found the financial value of your products or services.

 Next, they come off with a strategy to implement your solution, or build and distribute their product.  We should take what we love, while staying true to our values, and find a way you can monetize that skill, service, or product. This is a perfect example of something being, “easier said than done."   It sounds simple, but this process can be long and grueling, and requires a lot of questioning and self-reflection.

There are many books that break down the steps to finding ones purpose, but if there is one thing I know for sure, you will know when you found the right piece to the puzzle. Everything will fall into place and you will have such a burning sensation to get things moving, that you will forget about the financial aspect of your passion. You would work for free if you needed to! By identifying this passion, you are one step closer to your purpose being fulfilled, and creating a business within that purpose.

If you have never taken a moment to reflect on your life and consider your passions, you are missing out an opportunity to identify your purpose. The world needs more people who are working in their purpose. The world would be a much better place if people focused more on having a career that is meaningful to them, rather than just for the money. Everyone should take a moment and ask themselves: what are they doing with their life, and are they working in their purpose?