Top 5 Misconceptions About Social Media

5 Misconceptions Of Social Media

There are A LOT of rumors, trends, & buzz swirling around our friend social media. Not all the information you see online, or even your own perceptions, should be taken to heart.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions about social media:

#1 Social Media Automatically = A Hefty Bank Account



Social media was created so that every day people like yourself, could communicate without the hassle of sending letters by mail and to simplify more traditional or outdated methods of communication.  

While Social Media today puts a heavy emphasis on profit, you must remember that your customers aren't necessarily on social for you, let alone to be sold to so it's always best practice to avoid getting on their bad side.

While social media can & often will result in conversions, leads, traffic on & offline for your business, profit should never be the sole reason to enter the digital space. Not only will you set yourself up failure, you will end up not meeting business goals & encountering customers who purposely tune you out.

#2 You Need To Be On Every Platform

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Having an account on every social media platform doesn't guarantee that you'll be seen more, acquire more leads, or bring in more business. If anything, it just creates more work. Do you really want juggle 5 accounts when 1-2 could work just as well?

Before creating an account, consider how your desired platform could help you reach your desired customer. Consider the most popular type of content (Instagram to Images or Facebook to Video,etc) & if you'll have the time & resources to create content that's most appropriate for that platform. If your brand is very visual it might make sense to start & stick with Instagram. If your brand relies heavily on trends or can easily create content that is concise & to the point, Twitter might be best. Whatever you decide, make sure it's in line with your brand goals, & brand identity

Need more clarification? Check out this post on choosing the best social media platform for your business here.

#3 People Don't Mind Ads (Or Being Sold To Constantly)

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With the rise of Ad blockers & Dark Traffic, it's no surprise that people just want to be social & not be sold to all the time. If you enter the social realm with no intention of driving customer service, fortifying existing relationships with fans, or engaging with your target audience in a way that might not otherwise be possible, & isn't selling you are a part of the problem. 

Think about it this way, you're on Facebook & you're trying to check in with a long lost friend. Before you can even do so, an intrusive ad distracts you. You ignore, but after sending your message to your friend, you scroll your feed only to encounter the ad yet again. Who is this brand & what do they want? Do they only care about my money? Annoying right? Don't be that brand.

Focus on building your community, connecting with your fans, & sharing your story. Your fans will be likely to buy from you & invest in your brand if you focus on yourself & non-intrusive content.


#4 Negative Feedback Is A Sign Of The End

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Sometimes bad comments from the customers you work hard to please is inevitable. However, you can't please everyone & your customers will always have their opinions, so embrace them & use it to your advantage.

Respond promptly, remain positive & friendly, & offer to fix whatever issues arise. By providing stellar customer service, you set yourself a part, salvage customer relationships, & increase your brand loyalty. Not so bad right?


#5 More Followers = More Business

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Don't let vanity metrics stop you from really creating an engaging & real community. If your 15,000 followers aren't actually heading to your site, supporting your local events, or converting through purchases, then they don't matter. You'd be better off with 100 followers who were alert, engaged, & converted frequently than the latter.

Focus on building a following of people who will actually support your business & who are very much real. Never pay for followers, or engagement, & don't get so wrapped up in the facade of numbers.


So What Now?

Your goal with social media marketing is to ultimately do what's best for your business. Taking the time to: research, set benchmarks, outline a game-plan, & really connect with customers through your unique story will make social media a great asset for your business goals.

If you're still not sure how to leverage social media or marketing for your business get in touch with us here, so we can get you on track!