Mindfully Joining Awareness Conversations

Mindfully Joining Awareness Conversations

Photo by agsandrew/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by agsandrew/iStock / Getty Images

There’s a lot of causes out there- a lot of awareness to be raised- and a lot of things to get behind. Sometimes causes and the work you do can align in various ways.

When you find something you care about or what to get behind, that’s where the opportunity to talk about it comes into play. How you talk about a cause is important and in turn joining conversations related to it are important. There’s a lot to consider. It can be politics. It can be a touchy subject. The list goes on. 

What brought on thinking about this? It’s Suicide Awareness Month. There’s a lot of buzzwords floating around. A lot of people joining the conversation, using hashtags, sharing information, etc. 

It’s a subject surrounded by shame and a lot of myths. Something like this isn’t the place to just join a hashtag because it’s trending to get your brand out there.

It’s something that needs to be done right if you’re joining a conversation like this. Respect is important. Coming from the right place and making sure you care about the cause and are sharing the correct information needs to be at the forefront of your mind.

There are a lot of opportunities during awareness months, weeks, or days, but these periods of time can mean a lot to people- especially people impacted by it. It’s important to be careful and to put thought behind what you’re doing and saying. 

People are very aware of where you are coming from. They can sense sincerity. They might roll their eyes behind the screen when they can tell someone is joining a hashtag or a conversation because it’s trending. They can see when there is an agenda that might not be related to what raising awareness is about. 

These conversations are important. It helps to raise awareness. It's good to get involved. Every bit can make a difference, and for some smaller organizations or causes with less awareness, it can make a world of difference.

You can learn something about several things or about something specific by keeping a few awareness dates in your calendars. It can be as simple as letting people know you’re raising awareness by sharing information on a trusted and respected source.

It’s not just about looking good. It’s about things you care about and can get behind. It’s about joining those conversations while being mindful and respectful.