Using Instagram For Business

      Instagram is currently one of the biggest social media apps out there today. With over 800 million accounts and millions of daily users, it’s a force to be reckoned with. With things like hashtags and discovery, people are finding it easier to find photos, and do business on Instagram. In this article we will examine how to use Instagram for business, and some of the important changes its recently gone through to help businesses succeed on the platform. 

      As you may know, Instagram is a photo sharing app that was launched in late 2010. Typically, this wouldn’t be an app or a website that you would associate with business. But as it turns out, Instagram can be quite helpful for business marketing, and getting your product out there. It also can serve as a sort of auxiliary social media that works concurrently with your existing social media accounts-You can directly link you Facebook with Instagram!

      The process to sign up for a business profile is easy. Instagram’s website has a very helpful startup guide for those who have never used Instagram or Instagram Business. It walks you through the process and tells you how to create a business profile which is different from a normal profile. Business profiles come with many features that can only be accessed if you have a business. Some of the things you can do are “…add in pertinent business information like store hours, business address or a phone number.” And this is just the beginning of what you can do with the business profile.

      You are also able to get deeper insights about followers and posts (such as engagement, or website clicks). For a small fee you can also promote selected posts to your audience. Set how much you'd like to pay & control how long the post is promoted for. For example, if you’re having a sale this weekend, you can pay $5 (five dollars) to have your post promoted though the weekend. This way it boosts your prominence in the feed so your post shows up more.

      The most recent update to business tools now allows you to schedule your posts. This is tremendously helpful for people because this way they can insure that they have something that is regularly being posted. If you have multiple social media accounts to run, this is an excellent way to schedule posts ahead of time. Schedule content to publish at key engagement times (such as when the most users are online ) to make sure that your ads or posts are seen.

      Another helpful feature is the ability to advertise as well as partner. Instagram has a myriad of organizations that help you manage your social media content instead of you having to do it yourself. This list ranges from Adobe to Hootsuite, and they all have varying skill sets to help you and your business.

      An interesting feature that isn’t in too many other places is the ability to tag your products with price points and information that will better inform the customer. For example, if you are a clothing store and someone taps on the picture they are able to see just how much those pants and shirt combo are.

      One of the things you might be asking right now is whether or not you should switch to an Instagram business profile. This chart created by is a cursory glance to help you make your decision.

     Instagram is working hard to make things easier one step at a time. With better information and guides available, it's now easier for you to get started, and grow your business. 




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