How to Make the New Year Different For You and Your Business

How to Make the New Year Different For You and Your Business

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It is so easy to make a shopping list of goals that you want to achieve for the new year. At some point, we are all guilty of scribbling down “eat healthier foods,” “find a new hobby,” “create a new marketing plan”, “solidify my branding,” on our lists as if we can pick five of each and throw them into a metal cart. As we’re stocking up on these goals, we romanticize how different our lives will be when we achieve them. But as January rolls by and the comfort of winter break loses its warmth, our resolutions get placed in a box and stored in the attic, just like a string of lights on a tree. We have officially given up because the calendar does not read “January 1st” anymore. Now, we feel like we’ve wasted the year’s youngest days and that we might as well not do anything because we’ve already let ourselves go.

Please do not fall into this trap. We’re human. We’re not electronically programmed to change on exact time. You can make a change on any day, any month, or any year. It is never too late to try something new or begin again. We are individual beings who breathe on our own and make changes on our own time.  

So while you remain hopeful of achieving your goals, here are some ways to feel refreshed even when its way past January and you feel that you haven’t made any progress:

  1. Reflect on the past year and everything that it brought to you (and that you brought to it).

    • Were you excited by these events?

    • Were you inspired by these events?

    • Were you upset by these events?

  2. Think of what makes you hopeful for the new year.

    • What do you want to see change?

    • Why do you need to make this change?

    • What will you do to make that change?

  3. Be patient.

    • Change takes time. Don’t expect to see instant results.

    • Understand where you are, what you want to do, and where you want to be.

  4. Start small by setting weekly goals

    • Stay on track by making small goals. They might not seem as momentous at first, but over time you will see results down the road.

  5. Have Discipline

    • Don’t give up. We’ve all heard this before, but it is so easy to want to throw in the towel after failing. Do not expect to be perfect on your first try. No one is born a professional. Just be persistent and make steady gains.