Finding Truth In Your Brand's Success Story

brand success idea



In the past few years, social media has made it incredibly easy to build a fake brand. Before the internet, stores were brick and mortar, and businesses progressed through quality products and word of mouth. Now, with the click of a button or the tap of a screen, anyone can make anything look good. The average consumer has changed, and popularity is almost more important than quality of a product or service. Products do not actually need to be better than the competition's, as long as it looks like it’s better. Small companies who service businesses can use clever imagery and lifestyle photos to make their company seem gigantic. The most important thing a business can do is stay honest and true to their purpose, and it all starts with remembering how it all got started, and telling the story from there.


If your road isn’t built on the right path, with genuine passion and real facts, you will lose loyal customers every time. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing; look at what makes you unique. Create events that are unique and special to you and other people in the company. It can be hard blocking out major influences to get to the root goals when it comes to quantifying success. It is surprisingly easy to believe you want things that you don’t even need. There are influences around every corner trying to make you convert to their ideas of success, but your business has to find its own personal truth.


Look deeper and think about why the business was started in the first place. Think about what the business was supposed to be before the fancy mission, vision, and slogan were written. Who did you want to serve, or what problem did you want to resolve. In order to have a successful brand story, you must have an understanding of the fundamental question: does your business know why it exists? If you feel lost and you are struggling to find that special moment when it all clicked, if you are unable to find the joy in what you are doing, and you’re lost in a facade of success, you are not alone. Sometimes you have a take a step back to see the big picture. You need to find yourself before you can go forward.


It isn’t always about being the biggest or the largest company. It isn’t always about having the best clients or the most influential people attend your events. Building a great brand is about being well known, but not at the expense of your integrity. Businesses must learn to follow through with a mission and a vision statement. Every decision that is made after that moment should be with the vision and the mission in mind. A brand must have a clear direction, otherwise it's footprint will be everywhere, with no direct path. The brand will suffer from not being niche enough, and the story of the brand will never be heard.


I believe that every good idea, if executed well, can create a successful business. What is important to realize is how bad a distraction can affect the growth of a good idea. Don’t become distracted with the chaos and visual distractions that social media can sometimes bring. Don’t let the self-esteem of your business weaken because of businesses who lied their way to the top. You are a success, you have a great idea, and you can make it all the way to the top. You just need to find the truth in your purpose, and from this day forward tell the story of your brand the right way.