Does Your Social Media Need to be Wrung Out?

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Do your social media accounts need to be wrung out a bit? Is your audience swimming through a sea of social media posts trying to find the ones that matter to them? If you think that you might be over-saturating your social media, here are some ideas on how to help keep your business afloat on social media.

The definition of over-saturation is: The property or condition of being over-saturated. Also (occasionally): the action or process of saturating a substance to excess. This definition is applied to many things, from over-saturating your lawn or over saturation the market with a product. Believe it or not, it can even be applied to social media.

You may be asking yourself how can social media be over-saturated? In the eyes of some, social media is very close to being if not already, over-saturated. According to an article written by Jesse Langley “Social media is rapidly starting to reach over-saturation. Social media is most effective when it’s used as a tactic in a broader communication campaign. It can help amplify an existing communication strategy for commerce, policy advancement or message shaping.” Like he said its important to use social media as an additive platform and not necessarily as your main source of advertisement. In this instance, he’s talking more about twitter than any other platform. “Twitter, for example, is a short-form social media platform, so its strengths lie in its ability to communicate the features of a simple product or service, it would not be suitable for a business selling a complex service with multiple stipulations for instance.” There is the problem and how many people tend to over-saturate on twitter. They try to write to much in a sort period of time, or they make a “twitter thread” in which you write a whole story in multiple tweets.

Now this is not to say that you should never post on social media, but there is a threshold that a lot of people quickly cross. It’s a good idea to have a set schedule of a few posts a day and in between those posts you can shake up your social media by doing some updates in between those scheduled posts. When it comes to twitter it’s an easy way for people to interact with you and your company. If you see a lot of people retweeting or favoriting tweet, check out the comment section and don’t be afraid to relay to people. Folks love to get a response from companies and it then builds a stronger connection between you audience and your company.

Other social media sites can be tricky to keep an active presence on. Facebook is great for updates and longer posts, whereas Instagram is more suited for images and then short descriptions of the product. If you think you are able to maintain these then don’t be afraid to branch out. YouTube is a tough platform to keep updated constantly as well as grown an audience. You might start off strong and have a few videos a week but this becomes daunting and you eventually will step away from it. that’s okay. You can promote your other social media at the same time and not spread yourself thin.

Remember, social media is important to small businesses, it’s what keeps the interest up and the people engaged. Sharing or over sharing can discourage people, but don’t be afraid to reach out to your audience. Don’t leave your audience floundering, make sure you and them are in the same page and when it comes to over saturation, take a step back and refocus your social media and maybe even cut back a little.  





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