Clickbait Is A Losing Business

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Clickbait is defined as “something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads content of dubious value or interest.” Today, a reader can't scroll through social media without encountering all types of clickbait on their feed. Clickbait is an easy way to gain views, but also an easy way to lose followers and business. With the spread of social media and the transformation of media in general, producers and consumers have learned to filter the truth from false news and sensationalism, making the consumer warier and less likely to trust information on the internet. Clickbait is just one way to lose followers and business by losing out on a good reputation.

Clickbait is a Losing Business

A company is only as good as its reputation. With search engines literally at our fingertips, consumers are more informed than ever when it comes to a company’s product and trustworthiness. Social media plays a larger role than ever before in how a company is seen by the world. When a company continuously posts fake news and sensationalized headlines, it loses followers, shrinking its audience. Using clickbait links will make a consumer wary of using the product or service provided by the company. And with sites like Consumer Reports available at fingertips, a good reputation is worth every penny it brings in.

Why Be Useless

Clickbait, just like the thousands of cat videos out there, is a space filler. It has no true purpose other than taking up space and gaining views. Fake news is being filtered out more and more by social media companies. USA Today reported in June that Facebook installed a new update that deprioritizes users who share clickbait, sensationalism, and misinformation. Rather than lose out on followers and top spaces on feeds, use interactive posts such as live videos, chat, polls, and forums. Connect directly with your audience, create a conversation with them rather than take up space on their feed with useless content. It’ll only grow and educate your consumer about your products or services.

Show Your Stuff

A company is the essence of a person’s passion and interest. When well written and informative articles with catchy headlines are posted, views will go up and interest will spread. Instead of posting just to gain followers, post to inform your consumers. There’s various aspects of every industry, when presented properly, that can be interesting and gain attention. Boston Burger Company posts its sandwiches and monthly Freak Frappes, creating a sense of urgency to get their food before its gone. Recently, they live streamed their third annual Boston Massacre Eating Contest where the competitors ate only Boston Burger Company food. By live streaming this, they could show off various aspects of their business at once, including their service and specialty items on the menu. Fans who tuned into the live stream could interact with the business, gaining attention and interest.





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