Clickbait: The Online Epidemic

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Clickbait is an ever growing online epidemic. Often times, you see it running rampant on Facebook to generate clicks or spreading like wildfire on YouTube to help gather views. In today’s society, small businesses need to stay away from clickbait. People (the consumers) are even combating against clickbait, and it is now seen as frowned upon in many online communities.

 Clickbait is a problem and businesses don’t need to add to this problem in order to stand out.  Here are a few tips on how to avoid using clickbait and how to stand out on your own.

1.      First you must understand what clickbait is. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary website, clickbait is: “something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.”

2.      Next you must know how to avoid using clickbait. Start by stating the facts in your title. Having a clear and interesting title will be enough of an attention grab to readers or viewers. There is no need to use “buzz words” like “shocking” or “unbelievable” in order to sell a product or grab the attention of a consumer.  If you have an informative title, people will click on the site to find out more.

3.      Don’t tease the reader or viewer. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on an article or a video and having it be totally unrelated to the title. This is deception at its most basic form and the person on the receiving end won’t appreciate it. Make sure your content is focused and sticks with the theme or idea outlined in your title.

4.      Let people form their own opinions. If you set out with the idea of having people think a certain way, a lot of times people will rebel against that. People like to be told what they want to hear, not what they should hear. It’s better to coax a person into thinking one way rather than forcing them to think a certain way.

It can be difficult for a brand or company to stand out without using clickbait. This article is meant to be a starting place to avoiding the use of clickbait. There are many ways to not use clickbait and the consumer will appreciate it in the long run. By not using clickbait you set the standard for other websites and companies. If you don’t use clickbait and another company does, the consumer may be more likely to go toward a more fulfilling company rather than one that just grabbed their attention. This way you form a better relationship with the consumer, and when the consumer is happy, the business is happy.  After all, aren’t small business in the business of people?



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