Avoiding Social Media Stagnancy


Avoiding Social Media Stagnancy

Social media is one of the greatest marketing tools you have at your disposable. It’s (usually) free and easy, and gives people all around the world immediate access and exposure to your company. Social media veterans know the importance of a well-maintained internet presence, and are well aware of the work that goes into that maintenance. Your social media accounts are the voice of your brand, and you want to be sure that your posts represent your company. Consistent and exciting content is what helps create loyal and interested followers.

But as many of us know, social media accounts can grow stale and formulaic after a certain point. Social media can be an invaluable tool, but only if properly utilized. If not, your hard work at curating thoughtful posts will become wasted energy. Avoiding social media stagnancy is one way to enhance your pages and reach a broader audience.

Unlike traditional assumptions about business-specific social media pages, your social media doesn't need to be boring. In fact, you have the ability to liven up your pages, bring in new followers, and strengthen your brand identity, all with the click of a few buttons.

Here’s some tips to avoid social media stagnancy and make your brand stand apart from the competition.

1. Utilize marketing specific hashtags.

Market analyst and writer for Forbes.com, Steve Cooper, points out that “As ridiculous as hashtags might seem to marketing veterans who remember a time before Twitter and Facebook, the younger generation and potential customers/clients don’t. To them, using hashtags is as natural and common as typing their query into the search box.”



If you’re not utilizing hashtags across all of your social media platforms, your accounts are not reaching their full potential. Check Hashtagify.me on a regular basis to see what will make the most sense for you. In the meantime, here’s some hashtags that you can utilize in your everyday posts.

  • #socialmedia

  • #SMM

  • #twitter

  • #contentmarketing

  • #social

  • #content

  • #marketing


2. Be social on social media.

Like it or not, many people will encounter and interact with your brand for the first time via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. What you post and how you interact with your client base makes a huge difference. Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget that the point of these platforms is to network and build relationships. Getting out there, following or friending, and digitally interacting will personify your brand in a way you won’t be able to do so in person. Posting a generic message once or twice a day won’t cut it. You need to build social media relationships and present the image of your brand as a responsive and engaged presence. People will notice the difference!

3. Utilize keywords and phrases.

It’s no surprise that keywords are crucial to your copy and blog posts across your website. The same level of importance extends to keywords across your social media platforms. Utilizing the right language will help direct your clients, and will help maximize the impact of your posts. Be specific, be engaged, and be consistent. The keywords you utilize in your blog posts should be the same ones you utilize across your social media.

4. Strike a balance.

In a similar vein as keywords, making sure your hashtag usage is consistent with your content is an important part of the job. With so many to choose from on any given topic, it can be tempting to pepper each social media post with multiple hashtags. But, you don’t want clients to see a block of text without any context. Try and keep your hashtag usage at a reasonable number per post. For guidance, check out the graph below, which compiled market data from Twitter and Instagram.

hashtag 2.png

When properly utilized, social media can be an incredible resource for your brand. Putting your best brand forward begins with your internet presence, and keeping on top of it will set you apart! Most importantly, avoiding social media stagnancy begins with enthusiasm, passion for your brand, and a positive attitude.

Now get out there and start posting!