What's Going on this Week? An Art Book Fair

Photo by zoranm/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by zoranm/iStock / Getty Images

What's Going on this Week? An Art Book Fair

This past weekend (October 14th and 15th)  Detroit was the latest city to hold an Art book fair. Following cities such as New York which had a weekend fair in late September, and San Francisco whose two day fair was in late July. These fairs display the works of independent publishers, 2D artists, illustrators, writers, poets,and zine creators. With the exception of special preview opportunities usual to New York fairs, art book fairs are free to the public.

This is the 5th annual fair for the city of Detroit, held at Trinosophes, a popular multifaceted cafe, exhibition space, and library collection space in the Eastern Market district. Store fronts in the Eastern Market district were packed with patrons either enjoying the fair or taking a break from the fair to travel along the district to fulfill their consumerist needs at other local Detroit shops and boutiques like People’s Records, Well Done Goods, Boro, or SMFLD.

There were 39 participating organizations this year representing various independent and academic institutions including: Adult Punk, Art Problems, Monster House Press, the studio art and art history department of Michigan State University, Wayne State University Press, Cranbrok Art Academy 2D Design Department, and many, many more. While located in Detroit, the book fair represented various cities in Michigan including Flint, Lansing, and Bloomfield Hills. Along with local representation, there were many national and international participants. Representing Columbus Ohio, Bloomington Indiana, New York City, Canada, and France.   

While the main objective of the book fair is to create vending opportunities for independent publishers and bring the community together; a handful of vendors at the book fair utilized their table to highlight the history of Detroit and issues in Michigan. Pipeline Gallery’s table stuck out in particular; instead of selling 2D items like zines and books (with the exception of selling William Pope L.: the Friendliest Black Artist In America) they sold bottles of water from Flint. A cheek and tongue project and fund raising initiative by Chicago native artist William Pope L. A dark humor reminder that while we can enjoy the community engagement provided by the book fair, that Flint is still in need.     

Art Book fairs are national and international events that happen annually. The next large art book fair will be in Chicago, November 17-19, with a preview night November 16th at the Chicago Athletic Association.