A Beginners' Guide to Blog Facilitation

A Beginners' Guide to Blog Facilitation

Photo by deucee_/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by deucee_/iStock / Getty Images

Are you looking for more content for your blog?

Are you wanting to engage more with your constituents?


Blog facilitation is the answer- and more!

Utilizing different bloggers can provide you with different insights and ideas for content. It also broadens your voice and helps people to trust it.


Here are some ways to get started on blog facilitation:

Figure out what your goals and needs are:

  • What content do you feel like you might be missing out on?
  • Are there any “experts” on certain topics that could guest blog for you?
  • How often do you want posts from guest contributors?

Listen to what your constituents are saying when they sign-up for your newsletter or they follow you online. This can help you to:

  • Identify topics they might be interested in writing about.
  • Build your list of people to reach out to for content.

Have a clear and kind ask: Once you’ve decided the people you want to reach out to, decide the best way to reach them- is it email or social media?

  • Be sure to include an eye catching subject line.
  • Introduce yourself and the work you do.
  • Mention why you are reaching out to them.
  • Give them a specific topic you noticed they might be interested in, but also offer the opportunity for other subjects.
  • Let them know they can ask you questions or provide ideas.

Provide a call to action: You can also ask for bloggers on social media and in your newsletters or blog posts!

Create blog guidelines to help answer questions and save time: What things do you need from them? What can they expect from you? Is there a word count? Do you want their social media information? A bio? A timeframe?

Build your list of bloggers or people to reach out to: You don’t want to ask someone to write about all of the ideas you have all at once. Send them one at a time and keep a running list. As people blog for you, you can build your "go to" list of bloggers for certain topics, timelines, etc. 

When the content is live, let them know (with an ask!):

  • Share the link to their blog in the email and links to any social media posts that might correspond with it (or when you might post on social media).
  • Encourage them to share on social media from your pages- this helps to increase your reach and helps to spread the word about you!
  • Ask them if they might be interested in writing for you again.
  • And of course- always thank them!

Blog facilitation not only helps you engage more with the people you work with and provide more varied content, it’s also a great way to spread the word about what you’re doing!