5 Ways Schedulers Benefit Your Social Media Plan

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

You drafted a social media plan. You worked hard to pull together a social media calendar. You have a dedicated point person for social media (or yourself). You looked into best practices for social media.

But then you pause, and think to yourself “how do I find the time to post at the desired frequency and at peak traffic times?”

A social media scheduler can be your best friend (and more!). You can use it professionally and personally!

This might take a little bit of planning and time at the beginning, but if you already have a social media plan and calendar, you’ve already done a lot of the work! It’s worth the time investment because it’ll save a lot of time for you.

Here are 5 ways schedulers benefit your social media plan:

  1. It’s helpful for your professional and personal life. You’ll often hear that one of the most important aspects of social media is consistent posting. This can be hard to do depending on just about any situation (especially if you’re just getting started or are a part of a small team). Say goodbye to worrying about missing a post if you have an appointment, get sick, or become incredibly busy. Your social media is already scheduled!
  2. You can post when you want or what’s best based off customer engagement, and appropriate times. Scheduling posts means you don’t have to worry about non-working hours (or working hours if you are using this personally), weekends, or vacations. The posts can go live at those peak times without you having to be “social” all the time.
  3. The world talks about productivity and only being on your email or the internet for a certain amount of time each day. This can be hard to do when social media is a part of your life and your job. You can spend a certain amount of your schedule each week drafting and scheduling your posts so that you don’t have to constantly get online to post. You can pick a time that works best for you, and block it off to get everything scheduled. This can be every few days, once a week, or every other week.
  4. You can live Tweet (or post on whatever platform you are using) easily by scheduling posts ahead of your event. You might get caught up in the event and this can help you not miss a beat.
  5. If you have someone posting on your behalf, and you’re not ready to give them full access to the accounts and passwords, a scheduler can be a great way for you to review the content before they post it for you.

There are many schedulers to choose from. You might just use one or add another depending on your needs. A lot of them are free but offer more plans based on how many platforms you need to connect, or what functionality and integrations work well for your business.

Let a scheduler do some of the work for you!