5 Reasons to Consider Starting a Blog

blog reasons to start blogging


Have you started thinking about starting a blog? For your company or even yourself? Maybe you’re wondering why you should even invest the time and energy to start and maintain a blog. It might feel like a lot of people are writing about what you might cover, but there are a lot of unique perspectives to add to the conversation! 

Check out these five reasons to consider starting a blog:

  1. Blogs can be a very useful tool to add to your overall strategy. You can set goals for yourself such as how many blogs you’d like to post or how many writers you’d like to find for your blog. Blogs can be plugged in to different things going on with the work you do or the world around you. They can be a useful part of your marketing plans. 
  2. Blogs help people find you and learn about what you’re doing. Depending on the subjects you cover, you can show up in people’s searches. Your posts can help word of mouth spread about what you’re doing. People might share it in their post, among their coworkers, or on social media for starters.
  3. It’s a way to build your brand and your voice within the community you work with. Blogs help people to connect with you and even trust you.
  4. It helps you to become a part of the community you’re involved in. When you enter a new space, sometimes it’s hard to get your foot in the door or spread the word about what you’re doing (or starting). Blogs can be a great way to get more connected. 
  5. Blogs help you to be a part of the conversations, news, and trends. Being a part of the conversation helps you be more engaged with the community and learn about what people care about or what they might want. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might consider writing a blog. Of course there are many reasons, but these are just a few basics for you to consider!