A Big Thank You To The Prae Community

Hey there!

Can you believe that 2018 is only hours away? I can't either.

Before the new year rolls in I wanted to share my appreciation for having you as a important part of the Prae community.

I'm really excited because we had a pretty amazing year, and I hope you did too. We launched our Blog, Contributor program, and our very first Internship program. We also provided solutions to more clients than 2016, including taking on our first International client, and we grew Prae's digital, and local brand presence.  Did I mention that next year is Prae's 2-year anniversary? Pretty neat right?

Prae wouldn't be well, Prae,  without you.

Our goal in everything we do is to make Marketing more accessible, valuable, and personable for the many many gems (small businesses) throughout communities everywhere. Ever since I founded Prae back in 2015, I've been fueled by a passion for you, community, and cultural preservation. Because without you, and my favorite mom & pop shop next door, there would be no community. We're a small business just like you. We get it more than anyone, and we've got your back.

Thank you for all of your support, and accomplishments you've allowed us to experience – I, and the new gang at Prae greatly appreciate it, and are so very grateful to you for helping us create this beautiful community. It's scary to think that all of this almost didn't happen, but with a little faith it did, and for that I am forever grateful.

In 2018 we look forward to bringing you :

  • A better way to book your solutions.
  • Tailored Sections in the blog that will cover a greater variety of small business topics outside of Marketing.  (Stay tuned!)
  • Greater education opportunities that will allow you to have even more control of your marketing needs (this could include more e-books, online workshops, etc)
  •  A 2 year anniversary celebration!
  • Lots more!


Don’t forget to follow us on social, peep our blog, and figure out which solutions you'd like to include in your marketing strategy next year.

Once again, from all of us at Prae: thank you!

Thank You Prae Team 2018



Have a merry New Year !


- NaBeela Washington, Founder