Regrouping During the Slower Times of the Year

Photo by dolgachov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by dolgachov/iStock / Getty Images


Let’s be honest. Even if we have the time off during the holidays, many of us are still working whether it is here or there or quite a bit. Maybe we don’t even have off. (Maybe it isn’t a slow time at all). Everyone is different. Regardless of what is going on, for many it can be a slower time of the year professionally and for personal involvement (besides time with friends and family, celebration, etc.).

I find this a great time of the year (the last few weeks of December) to regroup (or even other slower times of the year). We have the best of intentions to regroup, plan, or practice professional development and education during the year, but it can sometimes be the first to go or hard to keep up with. That doesn’t mean it’s out the door as an option to do at some point!

For me, there’s a lot less going on around me so there are less distractions. A lot of people are off which helps. It’s a great time for me to jump in and regroup or work on things. I do this professionally and personally at the end of each year.

Here are some things I do at the end of the year when things may be a little bit slower:

  1. I take the time deep dive to see what worked and didn’t work for my schedule, development, accomplishments, organization, posts, etc. Do I need a different calendar system? Did I accomplish what I hope to? Was I organized like I needed to be?
  2. I analyze the social media data to learn from it. Last year for my blog, I wanted to know what did the best for my blog and social media pages. 
  3. I revisit and set plans and goals for the year. I might already have these goals (or where I work did), but I take the time to make sure I know what the plans are to accomplish the goals I need to. If I have more goals I'd like to set, I also set those and make a plan.  
  4. I make sure I have as clean of slate before the new year begins. I try to make sure my email is organized and not full of unread messages. I clean-up my download folder on my computer and other files as needed. 
  5. If I pushed aside any continuing education or professional development, I explore that. If I had things on my radar, I try to finish those or jump into them. I also try to see what I can do differently with my mindset or schedule so I don't push those to the side. 

I really enjoy these next few weeks to get myself ready for the new year!

When do you try to regroup?