Happiness is Good for Your Business

      It may seem like an understatement, but happiness in the workplace is a key part of any small business. When it comes to employee engagement, larger companies aren’t doing so well in that department. Many of their employees are disengaged, and might feel out of the loop . Small businesses on the other hand, can be working wonders for employees. Companies with less than 25 employees are reported to have 75% more engagement or satisfaction at their work place. In this article we will take a look at some of the important components of being happy in a workplace, and how you as a business owner might be able to implement them into your own small business!

      A crucial part of keeping employees happy often involves scheduling. Having the ability to have a flexible schedule, and take time off  is a large factor when surveying employee or company morale. Having a flexible schedule allows employees to do things outside of work like take care of doctor appointments or pursue other passions. One of the greatest things you can do is provide a maternity or paternity leave.

Many places do not provide much assistance when a child is born, and this leaves parents in a tight spot, usually with the mother expected right back at work. Payed maternity leave is some of the most valued time off for employees., especially working families. While you or your business, might not be able to support having someone out for a long period of time, try offering a more relaxed schedule. Having reduced hours or even an opportunity to work from home can be a great benefit for not only employees, but for you as well.

      Another important key to an employee’s happiness is not pay incentives. Little things like allowing your employees to watch a big game on the TVs at work, or providing them with a meal during a shift. These small incentives help you build deeper relationships with employees it also strengthens the inter-employee relationships be. Employee likes to see that their boss or employer actually cares, so go out of your way to make more gestures of gratitude. Showing thanks, and appreciation of your staff lets employees know that they are cared for and are a valued member of the team.

      The last piece that impacts workplace happiness is benefits. As many large companies do well in this department, small businesses tend to struggle. Small businesses usually don't have a large number of benefits to offer. This fact is normally overlooked because of other benefits of working at a smaller company. Consider including your employees in the benefit creation process to see what benefits would be most beneficial to them.

      At the end of the day, people who work for small businesses are happy. They are not only happy to be working for a small business, but they are happy because they are working for a small business. Happiness is a large factor in keeping you, your business, and employees running smoothly, so it’s worth asking your employees if they are happy or not, and checking in on their mental health.

If you learn that they aren’t happy, it might be time to start looking into what you can do to help them. While you shouldn’t break your back to make everyone happy, you should see what you can do to turn your employees' frowns upside down.






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