Don’t Forget Self-Care and Boundaries


When you are trying something new, it can take a lot of time and energy out of your life.

You’re constantly pushing forward to get to the next step, meet a milestone, or raise awareness for your brand or something you’re working on. Many of us in these situations tend to be considered workaholics (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!).

We are all constantly working on something, whether it’s a job, multiple jobs, or various involvements. We are constantly putting our best foot forward. We exemplify “Grit”. A lot of this is what is needed to get us where we want to go or to move past a roadblock. The important part during all of this work, time, and effort - learning how to make being a workaholic not a bad thing.

Self-care and boundaries.

And… unfortunately, self-care is often the first thing to go. Boundaries might also be thought about too late. Between long hours, sleep can sometimes be sparse, friends and family barely hear from us, and we might push things we enjoy doing (not saying we don’t enjoy work!) to the side. We’re always available no matter what. We keep telling ourselves “later”.

After this deadline. After this milestone. After this meeting. After this year.

You’ll eventually reach a point in your life where you realize there is always something next on your horizon (if you haven’t already)- something that you want to work on or accomplish.

It’s in your nature. You might not be able to help it.

If self-care is forgotten, that’s when things like burn-out or even not being as productive as you could be, come into play. Many of us learn the hard way but with proactive self-care and boundaries, that doesn’t have to be the case!

If you reach a breaking point, it takes a lot more time (and self-care) to get back to your grove.

Self-care is important in so many ways. You might not think you have the time, but there are ways to help give you more time.

It’s hard to set boundaries later on once you’ve already made yourself always available. Set those boundaries early. Take vacations. Enjoy some evenings. Enjoy some weekends. You don’t always have to pick up the phone or answer email when you are not supposed to be working. It really will be okay to wait.

In the end, self-care and boundaries can save you time. Take the time to visit with friends and family. Try to make sure you have an off switch so that you can spend time doing things you enjoy - things that make you happy.

When you aren’t in the office or working, try to turn it all off, and focus on where you are in the moment (maybe you’re like me and ideas pop up - write them down/send an email to yourself quickly.- but not from your work account). Take time off. Set boundaries.

It might take time to make sure you practice self-care and set boundaries, but the investment does pay off in the long run.


A happier person tends to be a more productive person.


You don’t want to get burned out on the things you love- including the work you love.