3 Benefits of Finding an Escape


Health is important and this includes mental health!

Yes - things like exercise and eating healthy are good for your mental health. However, if you think about common self-care activities, most of them involve bettering yourself in some way. Don’t get me wrong! That is important and does help you with your mental health - but...

I challenge you to find something you truly enjoy! Something that doesn’t have to do with bettering yourself. Something that doesn’t have to do with the work you do. Something that gets you out more in the world and connecting with more people! An escape!


Of course, there are so many benefits to your mental health when practicing self-care and boundaries. But here are 3 even better benefits to finding something that you enjoy doing vs. revolving your efforts around bettering yourself or your work.

  1. It’s truly a great escape! You separate yourself from everything going on. You can reset. Feel refreshed. Lose time. And so much more!
  2. It’s less of a chore. Sometimes the first thing to go is self-care, especially if it feels like a chore. But if you focus on what you really enjoy doing, you won’t lose focus.
  3. It provides you a chance to connect with people in different circles. You’ll meet new people and have different things to talk about besides the same work and bettering yourselves.

Recently, I got into pottery. I found I was actually pretty good at it so I’ve continued it. Not only that, it has nothing to do with the work I do or bettering myself! I find it’s a great way to escape for me. Everything goes out of the door for hours, and I feel so present and refreshed afterwards. If I feel busy (or even lazy), it’s not the first thing I push off or ignore. I’ve also met people outside of my normal circles that I’ve been able to connect with.

It does cost some money, but I find that it is worth it. I also tell myself I have gifts covered for a long time. There are plenty of learning opportunities out there that are affordable or completely free. Practice making yourself aware of what's happening in your community around you. And if you don’t see anything that gets you excited, start something!

Go out there! Find something! Escape!