Tips to Staying Organized Online

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Tips to Staying Organized Online

      Having an online presence is key to keeping up in the modern world. But sometimes  it can be a bit like having an unorganized desk. Everything should have its place, but it seems to be all over. Having a clean desk where everything has its place, and you know where everything is helps you figure out where things are, so if you keep your desk clean and organized, why not keep the online end of your business equally as organized? In this article we will take a look at just a few ways to stay organized online!

Clean up Your Social Media

      A quick social media clean up begins with a brief analysis of your social media accounts, and learning what people are reacting to, and what they engage with the most. When you clean up social media, you help people easily, and quickly,  find the posts they are looking for instead of searching through miles of posts on your feed.

This keeps your customers happy if they missed a post or two. This can also help you cut back on the frequency at which you post. Posting too much, can easily cause you, and your customers to lose track of important social media posts. If you're having a sale, or make a special announcement, don’t want your customers endlessly searching for the scoop. Deleting social media posts is simple and can usually be accomplished by editing the original post or by going to your settings, or page insights, to get rid of them from there. You can also learn more about the best way to spruce up your social feed by looking for 'how to’s' on getting rid of posts for your preferred social platform.

Keep Your Email Organized

      It can be overwhelming at first, but make it a habit to go through your emails once or twice a day to keep your email organized. You'll thank yourself later, and making navigating your inbox much easier on yourself in the future. Organizing your emails allows you to tackle your responsibilities easier, and decrease the chances of you forgetting to respond to an email. Just like organizing mail in real life, staying on top of your email will help you in the long run.

Organize Your Website

      Nothing is worse, than visiting a website, and not being able to find what you're looking for. Having a website is key, but keeping it organized, and up to date is even more crucial. Customers look to you to provide the most current information on your products, so if something out of stock, or outdated, make sure it says so online! Simple things like this will help the customers smoothly navigate your website with ease, and hopefully help them make a conversion or take action on your site.

Online Drives Are Key

      If you're not taking advantage of online storage, you are missing out on easier ways to store, and share information online. Check out Google Drive, it's free, and Microsoft OneDrive, also free (at the base level). There are many more online storage solutions out there, but find the one that works best for you, and take advantage of them! It’s a great way to free up space on your computer, and its an even better way to make sure you have a working backup of things. If your computer crashes, and you have everything on it then there is very little chance at recovering what's lost. But with an online cloud based storage system, this problem is solved, and you can easily re-download all of your important files.

      Staying organized online can be a tricky thing, but it is doable. With a little bit of hard work you can get everything together to not only make yourself happy, but your customers happy in the long run.

Being organized is a big advantage to you, and it helps you keep your business on track.



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