How To: Sell your Brand During The Holiday Season

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           So you’ve survived Black Friday! First off congratulations. This Black Friday was another crazy one as I’m sure we all saw by the news the next day. People standing in line for hours, traffic for miles and the list of headaches goes on.

              But what happens now? The period between Black Friday, and Christmas its still one of the biggest times of the year to shop. Black Friday is just the little jump start that the holiday shopping season needs. In order to stay on top of everything and help you sell you brand a little more this holiday season, here are a few tips on how to do just that!

Holiday gift guide:

              This time of year its all about the shopping and what we are going to get for the people in our lives. So why not make it a little easier on your customers and help them out with a holiday gift guide. Have products in your store that they can maybe get a bundle deal on, or have things placed near each other in the store that you think would make great gifts for people! Things for dad, mom, grandparents, significant others and a few basic others should cover the bases of what people might be searching for in that last minute frenzied gift search. Having a gift guide might also inspire people to think of those they might have left out or just weren’t sure what to get them.

Window displays:

 Having a great window display can be key when to engaging the customer to come in. Has it ever happed to you that you go past a certain store for years and don’t notice it, until one day your friend drags you in there and it’s like the best thing ever? Did you not notice it because they didn’t have a window display?  Don’t let this happen to your store! You don’t want to be missed out on for years, so it’s a good idea to may e have a window display. Even if tis something small.  The idea of a window display is to get your customers inside your business to see how great your business is. It might even be a good idea to be inclusive of different types of beliefs when it comes to your window display because there are other winder holidays. So instead of being just Christmas, be mindful of other religious beliefs this holiday season.  

Special sales:

Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over doesn’t mean that you can’t have more sales! Maybe not go crazy with them, but have one or two before Christmas in order to keep your sales up a little bit! Having people be interesting in you store because you have good deals is a good thing. It encourages them to hopefully come back in the future and maybe even tell their friends about you.

Host an event:

              Along side a window display or special sales, having an event can also peak peoples interest! Get the word out to your community and hang up flyers that you’re doing something like a give-away or having pictures with Santa or even some sort of pet event ( people love to have their pets involved in everything these days). Hosting some sort of event will generate a buzz and people will be willing to see what’s in your store. It might even be a good idea to have your store open late if a holiday parade is nearby so that passerby might want to stop in.

               With the year winding down and the holidays ramping up its can be tough to get through this last little push until next year. Don’t be afraid to get creative when trying to give a little holiday boost to your business! The more fun and festive the better chances you have of new customers are going to come in and take a look around!




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