How To: Navigate the Facebook Algorithm Change

      Facebook is changing its algorithm, and the way it shows us content. But with this change comes the possibility of struggles for online marking on Facebook. As a small business you may have positioned Facebook as your main tool for marketing, and that’s okay!

      If you already have a Facebook page for your business, then great! It’s still the same process to sign up, Facebook's still free, and you can us it the same way you’ve always been using it. The change that has caused outcry from publishers, and businesses everywhere, is Facebook's plan to switch to a more community-based platform again. This will make it harder for businesses to share content with customers. 

In a quote from Mark Zuckerberg he says, “But recently we've gotten feedback from our community that public content -- posts from businesses, brands and media -- is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.” This means that instead of having the news-feed full of advertisements you are now supposed to get more content from your friends and family again."

Here are some tips on how to navigate the new Facebook algorithm change.

Keep using Facebook!

      This seems like an odd thing to say, but reports are saying that there is going to be push-back from users, and some are already stating that they are going to either cut back from using the website or avoid use at all.

Now, more than ever is the time to keep using Facebook. With some people leaving, this allows you to better promote yourself and keep pushing your content in the absence of other products and services. Post what’s necessary, but make it the best you can make it. By doing this people will engage in the posts you do post, and possibly engage, (reactions, shares, comments, etc) thus pushing that post higher in the algorithm. Having meaningful discussions or important announcements always helps getting people to engaged in your products, so remember this for future posts.

Try out live video.

      According to Zuckerberg large amounts of people are interacting with live video now more than ever. Live video is a great way to get people engaged in you, and your product or services. Even if it’s just something simple that you wanted to share, maybe you’ve just restocked a popular item, or you’ve gotten some exciting new products in, try communicating this with a live video.

It gets the audience that you are trying to reach engaged as well as lets communicate with  them beyond text or images. People like “face to face” action, and appreciate when you take the time to go live and share things with them. If you’re not a fan of live video, that’s okay too.

By just making videos in general instead of picture posts, this helps boost your promotion a little more in the algorithm. But make sure you have pieces of text included in the video because the majority of people watch these videos with their sound off. If you want people to stick around, add some words to get the gist of what’s happening in the video.

Listen to your audience.

      Nothing is worse than having your voice ignored, or when there is just nothing of interest on a page or a website that you support. Obviously, you can’t cater to everyone, but if you see a large amount of people becoming upset or expressing their distaste for something, take that into consideration and change some of your social media posts.

When you cater to your audience, you are going to let them know that their voices do matter, and they will become more actively engaged. In addition to listening to what your audience wants, your audience can help you out too. By asking them to turn on notifications or the “see first” option on their news-feed, you have a better chance of them becoming more involved with your brand, content, and social media pages. Getting them to turn on the see first is a huge advantage because every time you post something, and they log into Facebook, they’ll see your posts first.

Be wary of groups.

      Groups are a great way to get your core audience the information they need with out fail, but within groups there comes the caveat. It’s a group so only those who are actively searching out the group or the product will find out about the group. Therefore, if you are considering having a Facebook group, maybe you should reconsider and have a page instead.

Having a page allows for larger spread of information to a bigger audience. This is beneficial because, not only does it get the information to the people who you want to see it, it may also reach the people you weren’t expecting. If just one person shares it and none of their friends know about your product or company and they check you out, that’s a gain for you!

      Yes, Facebook is changing, and it might affect the way that you use and interact with the website but that’s okay! As long as you adapt your marking strategies you will be able to keep posting like you used to, and who knows! You might even gain a better audience with this new algorithm. For now all you can do is sit back, and go with the rhythm… the algorithm that is.



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