How To: Facebook Business Page

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Starting up on social media may seem intimidating at first but if you take it step by step it can be easy and rewarding to your business in the long run. In this article were going to be taking a look at how to set up a basic Facebook account to help you grown an online presence.

Facebook is currently the biggest social media account on the internet. With 2,006 mil. monthly users and over 2 billion people signed up for the website, it’s a good place to start when looking to expand your business into the virtual world. If you don’t have a Facebook already it’s easy enough to sign up. All you need is some basic information (name, date of birth etc.) and a valid email in order sign up. However, you will need to provide a bit more information when it comes time to make a page for your business.

Once you have created a Facebook profile by following the basic instructions (or if you already have one) there’s a small dropdown menu at the top right-hand side of your screen. If you click on that you then find an option to “create page”.

The next page it brings you to, you see several options as to what type of page you want to create. There are two viable options that you could use: the company, organization, or institution or the local business or place page. For this example, we’re going to be look at the local business or place page and how to set it up. From here you can select the option and you will be prompted to provide some basic information before going and fully filling out the information needed.

At this point you now actually have a page! Congratulations! But before you can “publish” your page and start to grow an online presence, there are just a few steps you can take to help better your page. There are now many, many ways you can go forward and help grow your brand. A good idea to get a head start on your page is to have a profile picture for your business and maybe even a header image (the image at the top of the page) to show what your place or business looks like. In the “about” tab on the left-hand side you can edit the information and tell customers about what you do and the services you provide. You can also go in and edit your contact information as well as your business hours for people to browse. The more information that you have the better! People need information to know who you are and what you do so don’t be afraid to fill out these sections to their fullest extent.

Facebook does an excellent job of making the creation of pages easy enough so that anyone can do it. One of the most useful tools is the “page tips” section where it serves as a pseudo checklist for you to make sure to have all your information in the different sections of your page. It guides you though a more thorough set-up process rather than just having your basic information. Having all of these tools at your hands may be a bit overwhelming at first but don’t fret! Take your time and play around with the settings and content on your page before you go ahead and publish it. Set the page up how you want it to be set up and those who view the page will be able to give feedback on whether they like it or not. Encourage friends, family and coworkers to “like” the page and “share the page” so that you receive more recognition!

In no time, you’ll be able see your online presence going up and up and combined with a few basic social media upkeep tips you’ll be on the way seeing your business prosper and grow in an online world.



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