How To: Choose Between Paid Search & Social Media Marketing

paid advertising or social media

While both paid traffic & social media give you access to customers that might not be local, greater reach, and a level of exposure that can positively impact search, social media is a cheaper, and less invasive way to connect with your customers through digital marketing.

I also enjoy social media more, because you are more likely to receive an answer to a brand problem, or concern on social than with paid advertising. Social Media outcomes, while hard to measure in terms of ROI, can be a bit more predictable, unlike paid advertising, which usually provides a general estimate, as there is no guarantee your goals will be accomplished let alone attainable, depending on the industry.

Paid advertising should, in my opinion, be used to attract customers that aren’t within a local reach. Paid advertising is also a good test to see how well certain language, images, or content stand up to a broader audience that exists nationally or internationally.

Before you decide if paid traffic or social media will be most beneficial to your brand, do research on what’s been done already to try to derive further insights on what might or might not work. Consider the spend you can realistically dedicate to paid traffic, or if social media is a better starter option. You should also outline goals for including both in your overall marketing strategy, and what your desired outcomes might be.

Lastly, make sure there is a greater reason, beyond revenue, to enter the digital space.

Let's recap:

  1. Use paid search to attract global customers
  2. Use social media to directly connect, and communicate with your target demographic
  3. Use paid search to test verbiage, marketing materials, and your brand on new audiences
  4. Use social media when just starting out in the digital arena, and make sure you define goals, and outcomes prior to considering platforms, or paid advertising.

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